This is probably the first time that I have ever seen anything that has helped me in a real and tangible way. The Ten Unwealthy Habits is ahead of its time. Everyone simply MUST have a copy of this!

– Jessica Lynn


Get Your Life and Wallet Back On Track!  The Ten Unwealthy habits is an extraordinarily helpful book for those of us being held back from financial security by a lifetime of bad habits learned either from others as well as a suffocating brand of wrong-headedness originating from within ourselves. Each bad habit is explained clearly, in easy to understand language using real and hypothetical situations, ones that are all too common to the majority of us.

-Lana Amore


The advice and techniques presented here in The Ten Unwealthy Habits are intended to help you break out of the mold that we often find ourselves in. First of all, one thing that keeps us down, especially when it comes to building wealth, is our own mentality and mindset. We give up, we look inward, and we don’t focus on the important changes we need to make (easy changes for the most part) that can actually change our lives and improve ourselves and our finances.

-Dan and Sarah Franklin


A must read. Wake up call to what we take for granted. A good way to shake out and reconnect with what really matters. I couldn’t see the relationship between family and wealth but it might make sense.

– Joseph


If you want to read a straightforward and delightful book about improving yourself in regards to the working and financial aspects of your life, that is still thought-provoking, this is the book to read!

-Angela Han


The book doesn’t just give some vague tips or dodgy advice or promise something in some distant future. It actually delivers something very valuable and actionable.

– Thomas Betts


The 10 Unwealthy Habits is powerful, informative, inspiring and useful for people from every walk of life. I’m a university student counselor and I am learning so much from you. I only wish I had found your book sooner. I look forward to helping students with their “issues” using your principles and techniques.

– Mary V.


… so amazingly simple that it makes absolutely perfect sense. It is laser-focused to help people overcome unproductive habits in fresh and creative ways.

– J.B. Huntington


A wonderful book for someone who has a toxic way of life or just someone who would like to make all they can from it.

-Anne Bardo